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Re: nautilus samba shares

Kazimieras Vaina wrote:

Hi all,

I've just installed fc4 on x86_64 machine. I use gnome for my desktop.

When I browse smaba shares with nautilus I see %20 instead of spaces in
files and directories names. This prevents browsing directories where
names contain spaces. Does anyone experience this problem ?

Best regards

As far as I recall, spaces are represented by %20 and \ by %5C or something similar. Usually the translation works when clicking on the links. Best thing is to avoid spaces in directory and file names and the \ character.

I have downloaded items before and it would save the %20 in the file names because of the person putting spaces in filenames. The files came out like:
My%20Favorite%20Music.mp3 instead of My Favorite Music.mp3


Never put off till run-time what you can do at compile-time.
		-- D. Gries

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