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Re: nautilus samba shares

Kazimieras Vaina wrote:

On Tue, 2005-06-21 at 22:04 -0400, Jim Cornette wrote:

Kazimieras Vaina wrote:

Hi all,

I've just installed fc4 on x86_64 machine. I use gnome for my desktop.

When I browse smaba shares with nautilus I see %20 instead of spaces in
files and directories names. This prevents browsing directories where
names contain spaces. Does anyone experience this problem ?

Best regards

As far as I recall, spaces are represented by %20 and \ by %5C or something similar. Usually the translation works when clicking on the links. Best thing is to avoid spaces in directory and file names and the \ character.

I have downloaded items before and it would save the %20 in the file names because of the person putting spaces in filenames. The files came out like:
My%20Favorite%20Music.mp3 instead of My Favorite Music.mp3


Never put off till run-time what you can do at compile-time.
		-- D. Gries

I have fc3 on the other machine installed. On that machine spaces are
represented by %20 only in nautilus address bar, but not in the "files
view". I when I copy a file - the name of copied file isn't altered.
While in fc4 I'm not even able to copy such file - nautilus says that
the file does not exist. This problem only appears only with smb shares.

I suspect there is a bug in gnome-vfs2-smb or in nautilus. Is it a known
issue or should I file a bug report in bugzilla ?


Probably filing a bug report would be wise. I have Samba running at work. I did not notice this sort of problem. I avoid spaces in filenames though.

Have you tried to use konqueror to connect to the shares? I know that different factors are involved with using kde vs. gnome, but the comparison might show similar failures or narrow it down to what you described.

Are you using smb to connect to a windows share, linux computer to linux computer or some other method.

I'll try SAMBA via linux computer to SAMBA share tomorrow. I usually connect from a windows computer to the linux SAMBA shares. There is one directory that has spaces in its setup that I can try.

Another question, are you using vfat, ext3 or another type of filesystem? I have vfat, ext3 and ntfs that I can try to see if the filesystem type makes any difference. Ext3 works out best when you have 8 gig files to deal with. ntfs is not writable (safely) and vfat has a limit lower than 4 gig.

I just noticed the arch difference. I have an i686 and your problem is 64 bit. Did you install an i386 version on your computer also? Can you see if it acts the same way with a 32 bit installation?


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