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Re: Yum repros wanted

Temlakos wrote:
Arthur Pemberton wrote:

Dotan Cohen wrote:

Does anyone have a good yum.conf for FC4? I'm specifically interested
in mp3/mpeg and kde (amarok, juk, kimdaba) packages.

Thanks. The fedorafaq.com yum.conf has not yet been updated for FC4.

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Amarok is available with FC4 Base

To get mp3 support for it you need the gstreamer mp3 plugin:

## Enable the Livna RPM Repo ##
# cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
# wget http://pembo13.dalive.com/linux/livna.org.repo

## Install plugin ##
# yum install gstreamer-plugins-mp3

If you don't have amarok:

# yum install amarok

You'll want a lot more repos than that.

Start, of course, with base, updates-released, and extras. All are active by default in FC4.

Then add livna.

To this I added Michael A. Peters' JPackage and YJL repos, and another repo for Macromedia Flash.

If you want any more apps than these will provide, get the Smart Package Manager (http://www.smartpm.org/), learn how to configure it (don't forget to add a channel for "RPM Installed Packages" so that smart will know what you've got!), and then you can add the "Alternative Repos" (FreshRPMS, dag, and at-stable). Set them at lower "priority" and they won't break anything--while at the same time you have access to things that none of the others have. (Like a working version of MPlayer.)

Repo's isn't like a pissup... the more isn't necessarily merrier.... although suppose could describe as pissup in other ways, have too many and you will get sick ;)

The more repo's you want, the more conflicts and dependancy issues you will have - it is not a good idea to add every repo you can find.

Personally, base/updated-released/extras, then dag and freshrpms are very reliable I find. atrpms i usually fine, although wouldn't use for a server. Other than that wouldn't touch many others - especially not livna ( http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/apt/FAQ.php#D )



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