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Re: FC4: modem port isn't detected by kPPP?

Anthony Dean wrote:

After installing FC4 (whitebox PC, 256 MB RAM, 2.4 gHz Celeron processor, external serial modem attached to a serial port), I tried to get online; however, kPPP wouldn't recognize the modem's serial port (which is now registering as "/dev/ttyS14" for some reason; in FC3, it's "/dev/ttyS4"). Since kPPP doesn't have a listing in its port selection pulldown menu for "/dev/ttyS14" (and selecting various other port entries at random, including the old "ttyS4" one, didn't work), I don't know how I'm supposed to get online in FC4. Given this rather serious/fatal limitation, I reinstalled FC3 so I could get online and try to find a means of fixing this problem (FC4 seemed fine otherwise...).

So, are there any fixes for this problem?


I have a dialup problem w/Fedora core 3.

It will not let me configure my US Robotics PCI hardware modem to ttyS4. The network configuration utility automatically configures it to ttyS0, and does not give me the option to configure it to ttyS4.

The utility shows that it let me configure it to ttyS4, but when I check dialup messages, it shows up configured to ttyS0

How can I configure my modem to ttyS4?

Also, how do I configure the authentification method. (PAP, Chat, and CHAP) I need to use PAP.

I use Darn Small Linux running from my CD player and RAM on the same machine that Fedora is installed on, and I can get out on the web. That tells me that I do not have a hardware problem. It allows me to configure my modem to ttyS4, and use PAP.

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