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Re: FC4, Gnome, and digital cameras

On Tue, 2005-06-28 at 17:06 -0400, Daniel Orzechowski wrote:
> Udev on my FC4 install is set up to automatically create the device node 
> for my digital camera (/dev/camera) when it's plugged in and turned on.  No 
> problems there.  What I would like is to have the camera automatically show 
> up on my Gnome desktop.  When I navigate to its mountpoint (/misc/camera) 
> autofs mounts the device, it appears on my desktop, and the Gnome photo 
> importer dialog pops up.  How would I get Fedora to automatically mount my 
> camera's storage device and place it on the desktop when I plug it in?

You can try to switch the usb mode on your camera so that it shows up
like a regular disc (normal mode not PTP). 

Otherwise these url's should help:


> And now that I think about it, is there any way to stop the photo importer 
> from running whenever I access the camera?  I don't need to "import" my 
> pictures anywhere, I just need to open it in The Gimp.

You can change this by using gnome-volume-properties.
Per Thomas

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