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Re: Layer 7 filtering

Alexander Dalloz wrote:
Am Mi, den 29.06.2005 schrieb Ovidiu Lixandru um 20:09:
Sorry to say, but this is the wrong auditorium for Red Hat Linux 9

I didn't know who else to ask. fedora-legacy-list seems to have another purpose than user problems with projects in Legacy.

O man, that old kernel is long. long time obsolete and a no-go for a
firewalling router! Have a close look at the Fedora Legacy Project.

I know, however it serves its purpose and it's a nicely tweaked machine. I don't really want to go upgrading. Besides, old bits of software have their charm. ;)

Migrate to Fedora - then you are right here (or get RHEL or CentOS and
use their communication routes).

I've backported some of the packages from FC1 and FC2, but the core is still Shrike. Is this a "if it works, it's high time for an upgrade" trick question? :)

So, does anyone have any pointers for software filtering using 2.4 kernels?

Ovidiu Lixandru

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