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Re: FC3 core over RH9, now no BIND :(

Darryl Jones wrote:
Hi Guys,

We installed FC3 over RH9 this weekend, and now BIND isn't seeing the zone
files in /var/named. I did a chown named:named for all the files, made sure
the path was in named.conf....nothing. I replaced named.conf with a backup
(pre FC) copy, nothing.

You should understand that FC is a test-bed. It's probably broken when it's installed, it seems certain to break at least once before its next release. Worse, it has a short life cycle.

You should, for business-critical purposes, be using RHEL or one of its clones such s WBEL and CENTOS. All have support (for various definitions of support) for extended periods, and all are intended "for production" and not "for testing."

My assertions about FC's brokenness are base don
1. Several failures of 2.6.11 kernels, by me and by others. I'm staying with 2.6.10 for the moment. Note that the documented default behaviour regarding new kernels on FC3 is always to use the latest. That behaviour would have borked my remote system had it been affected by the problem I had on my laptop.

2. Yesterday I updated an FC3 box remotely. Today I found I couldn't connect by SSH to it. Fortunately, I had a running VNC session on it which I could use to investigate. There were permissions problems relating to some shared-object library with the result that I couldn't connect via ssh. "sudo reboot" was ineffective, and so I had to resort (without much confidence) to "sudo reboot -f -n" which is about as friendly as turning off the power.



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