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Re: FC3 core over RH9, now no BIND :(

Christofer C. Bell wrote:
On 6/29/05, John Summerfied <debian herakles homelinux org> wrote:

Reports and experience here suggest FC is not the best choice for such
important work.

That's because a technical support list isn't the best place to gain a
good understanding of a product's reliability.  Most of the people
posting are posting because they had an issue, not because everything
worked fine.  The folks for whom everything works great out of the box
generally aren't posting about that fact.

AFAIK all the 2.6.11 kernels have been bad for some, me included.

Several people, me included, got caught by problems with the latest selinux update. If the advice to update the kernel is correct, then unless that kernel solves all outstanding problems with USB (I think it was ACPI bit me, I couldn't shut down) etc then for those who have the latest selinux in place _and_ problems with USB or the other problems reported it's likely unusable.

Actually, the fols "for whom everything works great" aren't especially relevant to its reliability. Probably, if the software doesn't work for common cases it doesn't get released. OTOH, people with newer or less common hardware, and especially with laptops are more likely to have problems.

I pretty sure way of hanging my laptop is to shut the lid, remove the wireless PC card, open the lid. It doesn't cope well with hardware that vanished while it was napping.



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