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Re: Some thoughts for the future

Richard Kelsch wrote:
Stefan Held wrote:
Am Mittwoch, den 29.06.2005, 14:25 -0700 schrieb Richard Kelsch:
Since Fedora is supposed to be "bleeding-edge," I have thought of a few 
things that may be cool for the future, not just for Fedora but Linux in 

*  How about the ability to install via SRPMS for the specific CPU 
platform I'm using?  In other words, as an advanced install option, 
allow me to have the installer use the SRPMS instead of the precompiled 
RPMS, and allow me to define the compiler optimizations for CPU etc.  
That would be cool.  Ok, a slow install, but this isn't a production OS, 
so why not?  I hate having an Athlon-XP running code optimized for a 
P4.  Sure, an install could take days, but it would be an option I'd 
use.  Why?  Because I can and it's certainly bleeding-edge.
Kewl open your editor and start to code.
Microsoft doesn't tell that to their users, and look at where they are in the market.  Besides, I thought Linux programmers liked to hear new ideas.  Just because I thought of it doesn't mean I need to code it.  Just because one can program, doesn't mean they can have the best ideas.  I think history has shown this.  Way back in the 1970s a couple of friends revolutionized technology by having the balls to think of each person being able to have their own personal computer.  One guy came up with a lot of ideas and his buddy, being the hardware and coding genius, implemented those ideas in their garage.  I'll give you a hint, both were named "Steve."  Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to innovate.
*  How about the ability to clone the configured and working version on 
my hardrive to be burned on a DVD (dual layer and blue beam makes this 
possible) for easy portability?


Well, a tip for you: Open your editor and start to code.

A tip for you:  There are a lot of decaffeinated brands on the market that are just as tastey as the real thing.  Something to consider.
*  Someone needs to make X more display hardware friendly.


Hmm, what about starting coding?

Why don't you put your money where your mouth is, and if you are, then try another line of work.
*  Gnome and KDE are nice and such, but even Apple knew how to exploit 
the display hardware to make a cool interface.  So much so that MS is 
trying to copy and "improve" it for their next release.  There's more to 
a gui now days than skinning.  Fedora needs a cooler looking GUI.


Well, port the MacOS stuff to linux.
No, why not make something better instead of copying someone else's work like MS does?
*  Better documentation of changes that could result in problems with 
legacy software, and techniques on how to fix them, instead of the usual 
"we took [this] out" without further explanation.


Guess what, open your editor and start writing documentation.
I have a much more intelligent idea.  Why don't the people that broke it write docs on how to fix it, otherwise how is anyone to know how and write docs on it?  I know thinking may hurt for you, but give it a try.
Can you immagine a day when the Fedora List has nothing but praise 
instead of a plethora of problems?  One can dream....


Sure, thats when every one who has wishes is sitting at his desk and is
doing something to get the stuff done.
Are you saying you're too incompetent?  I don't think the Fedora crew is incompetent.  I think, like all human beings, they can make mistakes and learn from them.  There are many different types of Linux users out there.  I don't and never will, consider myself a OS coder.  It's better left to those that get off on those things.  The intelligent ones can look to others for ideas without the ego trip of whining "why don't you do it yourself?"

All of the major auto makers wouldn't exist today if they just told people to shut up and build their own car.  Henry Ford only got away with it until he had competition.  So next time you hear someone conplain about their car, you be sure to stand up proudly and tell them to design and build their own car their way.  You can feel like you accomplished something, confident in knowing you bettered the automotive industry.  I think those in the auto companies want to know what people want so they can make a better car.  What the engineers think is better doesn't necessarily translate to the user.  Remember that and you won't look luck such and idiot next time someone offers an idea.

You'd think I'd stop thinking faster than I type.  Ahem, let's try this again...  "Remember that, and you won't look like such an idiot next time someone offers an idea."  Much better, perhaps this was his weakness?


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