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Re: Insufficient system storage

On Sat, 2006-03-18 at 16:43 +0000, Anne Wilson wrote:
> A short while ago I had a problem on my server box which resulted in mail 
> being neither collected or sent.  The error 'Insufficient system storage' 
> came from postfix.  Something else, I think it was the greeter when I tried 
> to clear things by logging out, said that there was insufficient space 
> in /tmp.
> Any ideas of what can cause this, or how to avoid it?  Thanks
1. Check the size of /tmp.  I use 2Gib since that leaves me lots of room
for the things I do.

2. Check the normal usage of space in temp.  That is the temporary
filesystem space that everything uses.  If you have a rogue process that
leaves files there or something else using space in temp that is not
normal it should be tracked down and managed appropriately.

This type problem is why I use a separate filesystem
for /usr /var /var/log /tmp /home and /.
By having appropriately sized partitions I can be assured in most cases
that a single rogue process filling up a filesystem will not bring the
server to its knees.

> Anne
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