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Re: Are Livna and FreshRPMS compatible?

Jeff Vian wrote:
On Tue, 2006-03-21 at 16:39 -0800, Florin Andrei wrote:

On Tue, 2006-03-21 at 16:53 -0300, Mariano López Reta wrote:

I just wanted to know if I can have both installed so yum can search

I know for a fact that Livna is compatible with Extras/Updates/Fedora.
All other repos - I just download/install packages manually.

Something is implicitly wrong with your statement of fact above.

Livna claims to be compatible with Extras.
Rpmforge claims to be compatible with Extras
It is a known fact that Livna and Rpmforge are not compatible.

Ergo one of the first two statements appears false.
I have used Rpmforge constantly and never encountered a conflict with
the Fedora Updates_released, Base, or Extras repos.  I wonder where
explicitly the fallacy in the claims lies.

No, I lied - I do configure ATrpms in yum, but I disable it in the .repo
file and, when I am using it, I add --enablerepo=atrpms to the yum
parameters. I only install MythTV from ATrpms anyway, and nothing else.

Like you I also pick/choose which packages to use from where.  I use
ATrpms and Livna selectively.

Florin Andrei

I use RpmForge the most and I have had one or two conflicts (wxGTK2) with core/extra's. I can say the same with Livna. But it is a case of who has what. I have removed a package from one site and installed it from the other.

ATrpms is one that I have not used since allot of FC1 headaches.

I now do upgrades in stages. All the core/extras first, then the SorceForge rpms and last Livna. This seems to have prevented almost all my compatibility issues.

Robin Laing

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