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Re: FC5 - Where is the Hardware Browser - posted more than one time was an unknown accident

Thomas Taylor wrote:
On Thursday 23 March 2006 22:00, Barry Yu wrote:
Where can I find the Hardware Browser ?

Please only post a message one time.  You've posted this one three times now.


It was an accident for posting multiple message for same content; all of them were routed to petsupermarket uol com br and been blocked there as Spam - I sent the first message but I did not see it in the list so I thought I might have made a mistake so I sent again until the fifth one, than I realized there must be something wrong. After over night in the next day, I was notified by petsupermarket uol com br that my messages were blocked as spam and if I want to send it out I need to click on a button then type in some numbers and alphabet as confirmation of sending out that message. I did so, but I never know what this petsupermarket uol com br is, I am still investigating this with AT&T Yahoo's tech support, try to get answer.
Sorry for causing inconvenience.

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