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Re: [PHILOSOPHY] Stability and Release Schedules

Guy Fraser wrote:
I am not completely familiar with Debian, but other OSes use a similar development/stable branch system. You may have misread or been mislead, because most similar systems still have releases for the reasons I stated above, but the only time the releases change is when a significant change is made, and not based on a time schedule. Periodically such systems also have patch releases that fix security or stability issues and require significant package updates.

Exactly. For example, Gentoo has a similar system, where deemed-stable packages have an 'arch' keyword, potentially broken but works-for-the-devs packages are keyworded as '~arch' and known-broken packages are hardmasked to prevent installation without explicit user interaction to "unmask" them as needed (where the 'arch' or '~arch' keywording is the architecture, such as '~x86', 'sparc', '~mips', 'amd64', et al).

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