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Re: Fishing License

On Thu, 11 May 2006, Rickey Moore wrote:

> > You cannot even boot a new computer without agreeing to the EULA.  The 
> > service tech may do it in advance and you, as a user may never see it. 
> >   It has happened to me.
> As I'm finally getting an 'almost' new machine, (I stay firmly a few
> cycles behind as I am cheap!) from a local shop, how do I go about
> making sure that:
> 1.) ..I'm not paying MicroSoft a dime.
> 2.) ..no sneaky sneak by the dealer hiding MS somewhere in the cost of
> the system occurs.
> 3.) ..that I incur no nothng towards MS in this purchase.
> 4.) ..no smell of MS on the darddrive.
> 5.) ..that the cost of MS is backed out of this deal. 
> 6.) ..I can remain the nice charitable fellow I am, being Bill Gates
> free.
> Any thoughts on the matter will be appreciated. Ric

I'm not sure, although if it is a used system, and the disk drives are 
properly nuked and repaved to flat and barren, I would think you are good 
to go.

My approach over the past years has been to assemble from components which 
I think would accomplish your goals also.

Of course, IANAL, YMMV, and other disclaimers apply here.

If you think Education is expensive
Try Ignorance
                   Author Unknown

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