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Re: pm-hibernate resume fails with spinlock BUG ?

> Hi All,
> I've been using pm-hibernate on my laptop really rather successfully for a
> while now - It must have been through 5-10 cycles successfully since the last
> reboot, and I cannot recall an unsuccessfully hibernation (after fixing
> nvidia related problems).
> However, I have just had my first problem. Resumption failed with a error
> message and I was forced to do a hard reset. Unfortunately I assumed I would
> be able to locate the error in the logs after rebooting so I didn't write it
> down, but on restarting I cannot find it in /var/log/* .
> It contained the terms "pm-hibernate" "BUG" "spinlock" and "CPU0", together
> with what looked like a bunch of hex numbers.
> I know its not much, but does this mean anything to anyone ? Can anyone
> suggest where to look to get the error (was it logged anywhere) ?
> cheers Chris

 This wouldn't by any chance be it ??


  You probably have to boot with console=ttyS0  ( or whatever ) and use
another system or a printer to capture the panic ( see  /usr/share/doc/
kernel-doc-2.6.9/Documentation/serial-console.txt for details ) 


Peter Skensved                          Email : peter@ SNO . Phy . QueensU . CA
Dept. of Physics,
Queen's University,
Kingston, Ontario,

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