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Re: PAM Recipe to Authenticate on Either the User's Password or Root's Password

Schlaegel wrote:
> I want 'sudo' to work so that the root password will always work, but
> if a user is a member of 'wheel' then their password should also work.
> I don't believe that the 'sudoers' file can accomplish this, but I
> assume that the Swiss Army Knife of Linux authentication known as PAM,
> can.
> Do any of you experts know a solution? I must admit that so far I
> don't truly grok PAM.

Looking in the sudoers file I see....

# Uncomment to allow people in group wheel to run all commands
# %wheel        ALL=(ALL)       ALL

# Same thing without a password
# %wheel        ALL=(ALL)       NOPASSWD: ALL

Is that the sort of thing you want?  It is a bit early, and I was out a
bit late, to fully engage cranial functions.


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