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Re: FC5, Another unhappy camper

Stephen Mirowski <spmirowski shaw ca> writes:

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 > Reply-To: For users of Fedora Core releases <fedora-list redhat com>
 > Marc M wrote:
 > > I also consider contributing to include telling/posting your 
 > > experiences.  Even if you don't submit bug reports, rants are welcome 
 > > in my opinion since they provide a lot of useful information.
 > >
 > > Marc
 > I believe, submitting bug reports can be discouraging.  Open source, 
 > commercial, whatever.   Look through lists of bug reports, across 
 > various projects, that have no responses whatsoever by debuggers or 
 > developers.  The submitter is then asking, has anyone even read this?  A 
 > simple response such as "I can't reproduce this" is enough of an 
 > acknowledgement to show the submitter that their input is valued.

I have submitted enough bug reports to know that one that deals with
non-FOSS software (ATI and nVidia drivers) will not elicit any useful
response from Fedora.  This is the crux of my rant.  Fedora simply has
a policy that for non FOSS software, move on.  I get the message.  I'm
grateful to those who publish repos of non FOSS software and
instructions to work with these rpms.  I'm hopeful that Suse, with an
attitude of embracing non FOSS software, will make their Linux
experience more satisfying than it has been with Fedora Core.  And I
will keep the pressure on the likes of ATI and nVidia to open up their
drivers via comments, emails, phone calls and buying decisions.


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