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Re: FC5, Another unhappy camper

On Sat, 2006-05-13 at 17:17 -0700, Stephen Mirowski wrote:
>   I do browse other bug reports on projects and 
> find them unanswered and unassigned.  I have unanswered ones.  I can't 
> remember if anyone replied to my Nautilus (FC4) bug, but after 9 months 
> of being up I just deleted/cancelled it. At least it doesn't exist in 
> FC5.  Rejection and insult if often received when submitting a bug to a 
> commercial giant. 
> Stephen

Non response to a bug report does not mean the report was useless.
If it is a paid support system, then you have a gripe.

I've had open bugs in FOSS that didn't get checked out for over a year,
but when they DID get checked out, it was checked out (and fixed)
because a bug report describing the problem existed.

Fast response is nice, but it shouldn't be expected if you paid nothing.
Filing the report helps the community though because there are people
who look at them, even if they are not working to fix them at the

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