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Re: How do I get a shutdown/restart dialogue option under the system menu at run level 3 in FC5?

Stanley A. Klein wrote:

>>> I needed to set up the non-graphical boot because my laptop has an
>>> Nvidia display and they recommend changing the boot to run level 3.
>> Who are they?  I've not heard of that recommendation before....
> Nvidia makes display cards that manufacturers put into machines.  There
> is an x.org driver for Nvidia, but it rarely works right.  To make an
> Nvidia display work properly, you have to go to their site, download
> their driver installer, go root, and run the installer (which will
> possibly compile and install the kernel module that runs their display).
> This is best done from run level 3.  If you do a general yum update and
> yum installs a new kernel, you have to either rerun the driver installer
> for the new kernel or edit /boot/grub/grub.conf to make the old kernel
> the default.  I don't know what happens when the screen driver crashes
> during a graphical (run level 5) boot, but I'd rather not experience
> it.  

Oh, I didn't ask you what you had to do, that I already know.  I asked
you "whose recommendation" are you following.

Been using the nvidia drivers for years now.  Yes, there is a bit of
work involved when a new kernel is released....but following a few rules
makes life easier.

1.  Exclude the kernel updates from normal yum updates.  Do you kernel
updates manually after you listening to masses complain or not.  A
fiasco happened not too long ago.....

2.  Manually update the kernel and kernel-devel packages.

3.  Boot and at the grub screens append a 3 to kernel params to bring
the system up to level 3.

4.  Run the nvidia install again....will fix things up.

5.  Reboot....

Your done....  No fuss no muss....  At least I've not had any in the
past 2 years...but then I'm conservative.

Conscience doth make cowards of us all.
		-- Shakespeare

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