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Re: Q re networking, might need guru

Les Mikesell wrote:
On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 07:31, Gene Heskett wrote:

And I did have yumex search for etherape, but it came up empty. I needed a network analyzer that worked, and now I have nothing but tcpdump and tethereal, neither of which shows me what I need to know.

tethereal?  If you 'yum install ethereal-gnome' you should get
the GUI ethereal which is pretty nice to use.  Give it an
expression like you would with tcpdump to limit the capture
to what you want to see.  Or you can use tcpdump -w and
an appropriate -s snaplength to capture to a file, then
analyze it with ethereal, even on a different machine.

Tell that to the packagers. I'd first had 'yum install ethereal', but that didn't get me ethereal,it got me tethereal for some unknown reason. tethereal looks like tcpdump as near as I can tell. AFAIKS this whole networking thing is pretty badly fubar, it took me about 10 days just to make my broadcom radio work.

So where can I find an rpm of etherape that will run on FC5?

Cheers, Gene

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