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Re: Replacing Motherboards...

On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 11:24 -0700, bruce wrote:

> We've got a few older 800/900MHz Compaq DL360 1U servers, and we're looking
> at replacing/upgrading the motherboard/mem with something along the lines of
> the 1.8/2.6GHz boards.. Has anyone any experience doing this.. Any pointers,
> etc...

If you mean pulling the motherboard and replacing it while leaving the
harddrive, yes.  The caveat is that you will need to keep the same
processor type or you will need to install the kernel for the processor
you are moving to.  In general if you stay in the same family this
should be very painless.

I swapped harddrives in a couple of systems and was very surprised that
the system recognized the changed hardware, USB chip set, network chip
set, etc. and came up on the new motherboard just fine.

As always make backups first just in case.

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