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Re: setting a password less ssh connection

Stephen Mirowski wrote:
> hicham wrote:
>> Hello
>> I'm having trouble to set a passwordless ssh connection between many
>> pcs ,
>> I've found lot on the web about exchanging public keys but i still
>> cannot make it password less
>> thanks
>> hicham
> I believe if you enable:
> #PermitEmptyPasswords no
> and change to "yes" in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, then restart you sshd, it
> should allow no passwords.  Personally, I recommend against remote
> access w/o passwords.
> Stephen Mirowski
You also need to create an account with an empty password to log
into. It also means that the user can log in locally without using a
password. (Just hit enter when it asks for a password.) I have not
tested it, but sshd may still ask for a password, but allow you to
hit enter when asked. The default setting will not let you connect
to this type of account using passwords. I believe it will let you
connect using key pairs. At a guess, I would say it is designed to
prevent remote logins using a "guest" account that does not require
a password...

   When password authentication is allowed, it specifies whether the
   server allows login to accounts with empty password strings.  The
   default is ``no''.


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