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Re: a halt that actually powers down my machine


Can you give a bit more information about the mainboard that you're using? Have you ever had another version or distribution of Linux that did shut down properly? Some mainboards use APM for power management as opposed to the newer standard ACPI but the kernel sometimes has trouble handling certain configurations. I'm not sure if this is still relevant or not, but have you tried passing a kernel argument of "acpi=off". Some BIOSes have problems and require that the BIOS be updated, or special flags provided while compiling the kernel (search for "CONFIG_APM_REAL_MODE_POWER_OFF").


Daniel Hedlund
daniel digitree org

Antoine wrote:
I have a desktop fc5, and when i issue halt, well, it turns off my
machine. I have just installed a "server" (old p3), which I installed
as a "web server" during the graphical install and when I issue halt,
well, it kills all the processes but doesn't power down the machine.
Even hitting the power button just restarts the machine... Can someone
tell me how to get my server to power down on halt?

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