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Re: High Speed Internet & FC5

LeBreton writes:

Hi everyone,

I am French and I just arrived in California. I am using a FC5 distrib on my computer and I would like to get a High Speed Internet connection like this proposed by AT&T with an External ADSL Ethernet Modem.

But At&T claims that other distrib than Windows or Mac are not supported for their DSL connection. :-(
Could I get some advices for the best solution for high speed internet with FC5?

Tell AT&T to go and fsck themselves.

Order DSL service from Speakeasy -- http://www.speakeasy.net/home/lineshare/

You'll get real Internet access, with a static IP address, and not some half-baked PPPoE, or DHCP crap you'll get from AT&T and other make-believe Internet providers.

They'll give you an IP address, netmask, and DNS settings. Plug that in when you're installing FC5, and you're done.

With a static IP address you'll be able to run your own web and mail server, something that you won't be able to do with telco toy DSL service.

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