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Re: OT question about time tracking consultant software

On Tue, 2006-05-30 at 12:39 -0400, Lonnie Cumberland wrote:
Greetings all,

I greatly apologize for asking this question on the forum but I was not 
sure where to find out good information on this topic.

We are setting up a Fedora server and on that server, I need to locate 
some good web based software that will allow some tech support 
consultants to login, enter information on a customers support issues, 
and something that will track the amount of time that the tech spends 
resolving a customers issue.

Thanks and again I am sorry for the off-topic posting.

Lonnie, I don't beleive it's too off-topic to ask how to make Fedora actually do useful work. In my marketing days I used ACT, which was a professional time management / scheduling / contact manager. It was great to actually become organized, for a change. It cost 800 bucks.

Now I use the KDE applications Korganizer, Kontact and Kaddressbook, and there is one I haven't had to mess with yet, Kprojectmanager. There is a lot of functionality in those that do what ACT did, for no cost. You might check them out and see if they can be modified for your needs. I've modified Kaddressbook's database format to my own needs and use it alot. It's a start. Ric

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