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Re: OT question about time tracking consultant software


I have recently found Eventum, it has time tracking per issue.  It seems quite powerful and it is done by MySQL folks.

- Jamie

On 5/30/06, Lonnie Cumberland <lonnie outstep com> wrote:
Greetings all,

I greatly apologize for asking this question on the forum but I was not
sure where to find out good information on this topic.

We are setting up a Fedora server and on that server, I need to locate
some good web based software that will allow some tech support
consultants to login, enter information on a customers support issues,
and something that will track the amount of time that the tech spends
resolving a customers issue.

I am thinking that this is some type of IT consultant time tracking
software that we can add many consultants and they can help to resolve
customer IT issues and then we could know what the consult did and how
long it took them to resolve the issue that might be in terms of hours,
or possibly days depending on what was needed.

Could someone please point me in a good direction to find some software
that we can install on our web server for this?

Thanks and again I am sorry for the off-topic posting.

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Jamie Bohr
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