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Re: Trouble starting postgresql

Alan M. Evans wrote:
On Tue, 2006-05-30 at 10:48, Paul Howarth wrote:
Alan M. Evans wrote:
On Tue, 2006-05-30 at 09:10, Paul Howarth wrote:
[ ... ]
If that's all you have, it shouldn't be difficult to fix.

Set yourself up for making local policy modules:

# yum install checkpolicy
# cd /root
# mkdir selinux.local
# cd selinux.local
# chcon -R -t usr_t .
# ln -s /usr/share/selinux/devel/Makefile .

Make a local policy module for this issue, in this directory:

1. Create a file postgresql.te with this content:

module postgresql 0.1;

require {
         class dir search;
         class lnk_file read;

         type home_root_t;
         type postgresql_t;
         type var_lib_t;

# Allow postgresql to read /var/lib/pgsql -> /home/pgsql symlink
# if present
allow postgresql_t var_lib_t:lnk_file read;

# Allow postgresql to search directory /home
allow postgresql_t home_root_t:dir search;

2. Create a file postgresql.fc with this content:

/home/pgsql -d gen_context(system_u:object_r:var_lib_t,s0) /home/pgsql/data(/.*)? gen_context(system_u:object_r:postgresql_db_t,s0) /home/pgsql/pgstartup.log -- gen_context(system_u:object_r:postgresql_log_t,s0)

(that's three long lines)

3. Create an empty postgresql.if file:

# touch postgresql.if

4. Build the policy module

# make

Install your new policy module:

# semodule -i postgresql.pp

Fix file contexts:

# restorecon -Rv /home/pgsql

Hopefully that should get you going in enforcing mode.
Well, that restorecon set all the contexts back to user_home_t. Ugh.
Ugh indeed. My fix is incomplete. Can you post the output of:
# semanage fcontext -l | grep pgsql


# semanage fcontext -l | grep pgsql
/usr/lib/pgsql/test/regress/pg_regress regular file system_u:object_r:postgresql_exec_t:s0 /var/lib/pgsql/data(/.*)? all files system_u:object_r:postgresql_db_t:s0 /home/pgsql/pgstartup.log regular file system_u:object_r:postgresql_log_t:s0 /var/lib/pgsql/pgstartup.log all files system_u:object_r:postgresql_log_t:s0 /usr/share/jonas/pgsql(/.*)? all files system_u:object_r:postgresql_db_t:s0 /home/pgsql directory system_u:object_r:var_lib_t:s0 /home/pgsql/data(/.*)? all files system_u:object_r:postgresql_db_t:s0 /usr/lib/pgsql/test/regress/.*\.sh regular file system_u:object_r:bin_t:s0 /usr/lib/pgsql/test/regres(/.*)? all files system_u:object_r:postgresql_db_t:s0

I trust that /home/pgsql is not some user's home directory?

That is correct.

It appears that there is no easy fix for this problem, other than moving the data somewhere other than under /home:



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