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Re: Newly installed 2 CPU Xeon 5130 hangs

Peter Møller Neergaard wrote:
> Over the weekend, we installed a new server based on two Xeon 5130
> processors.  We installed Fedora Core 5 and updated to the latest
> versions on the package.


> Since installing the server, we've two times experienced that the server 
> completely hang: all processes became unresponsive and there was no longer 
> generated any log information.  In both cases we had to hard reboot the 
> machine.  The first time after 3 hours, the second time after 30 minutes.

The chances are that you've either got a hardware problem or a hardware

Have you run memtest86 on these machines? (Unfortunately, this will
require quite a lot of downtime).

Are these servers running X Windows (GNOME, KDE, or something else)? If
so, can you try booting into run-level 3? Either the hangs will go away
(in which case, Look Hard at the graphics hardware), or you might get
some debugging information on the screen. 

See http://www.fedorafaq.org/basics/#runlevel for details.

Have you loaded any drivers that weren't provided by Fedora?

Have you checked that the server isn't getting too hot?

Hope this helps,


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