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Re: "Pocket Printserver" Dongle doesn't work with (64 bit) Fedora 6

On Sun, 2006-10-29 at 22:55 -0500, David Liguori wrote:
> Through previous editions of Fedora and Red Hat I have blundered into 
> making this Ethernet to parallel printer box  work (on a Laserjet 6MP). 
>     For some reason, now it doesn't.  I believed it was a Dlink product, 
> although all it says on the box is "Model PRS-301PE.  I used 
> system-config-printer and set up an LPR connection using the box's fixed 
> IP address (of which I am certain) and port number 9100, of which I am 
> reasonably sure).  When I click on the "print test page" box there is no 
> indication of any kind of error situation, other than nothing happening 
> with the printer.

Might possibly be a bug in CUPS.  Could you file a bugzilla report



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