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Re: OT: block mail for specific user

> Not OT at all. I saw one person suggested procmail which will do the job. 
> I prefer doing it a different way. Use the access databse in sendmail. 
> Assuming your kid's name is elmo, and you wanted him to be allowed email 
> from three different addresses, 
> To: elmo obrien-pifer com	REJECT
> From: kid1 d1 com		OK
> From: kid2 d2 com		OK
> From: kid3 d3 com		OK
> The advantage is that the mail will be rejected by sendmail before 
> reception completes. The disadvantage is that you need to do a bit more 
> reading to fully understand it. ;-)

Hm, trying to do this but when I try to send a message to elmo it says
the mailbox is disabled, even though I'm sending from an address that is
marked OK, just like your example. I made the changes using webmin. I
looked at /etc/mail/access and it looks just like your example. 

Any thoughts? I'll keep trying. 

Also, looks like I can use this to restrict outgoing too? I'd like to do
that as well. Obvious I only want to restrict the kids and not myself. 


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