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Re: FC5 new install memory issue....

Tom Bishop wrote:
> I have a new MSI K9mgm2 AM2 system that I just built and loaded with FC5
> x_64.  The problem that I am havin is that the system is writing to the
> memory like it is disk and the more I do the less I have (I have 2gig).

Perfectly normal, totally expected, if you mean what I think you mean.
Linux doesn't believe in having unused memory hanging around. So if
Linux loads a file into memory, it will stay there in case you want to
access it again (unless you delete the file again).

If it's got a better use for the memory, it will reclaim it and use it
for something else.

> I
> am running with the latest kernel (2174) and not sure what to look at.  I
> can provide more system details if needed, but am running out of ideas.  My
> main drive is a serial drive and I do have a swap partition but it never
> uses it, once the memory gets down so far it just locks up.

That *isn't* normal. Have you checked the memory with memtest86? It's on
the install CD/DVD: boot from it and type memtest86.

Alternatively, you could try something like "mem=256M" as a boot
parameter. If the system is (slow, but) stable with that, then blame the
memory (or *possibly* the rest of the system).

Hope this helps,


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