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Re: BASH question

On 2006-09-08 16:01, Aaron Konstam wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-09-08 at 15:35 +1000, Cameron Simpson wrote:
>> On 07Sep2006 19:17, Khoa Ton <khoa puresynergy com> wrote:
>> | >| I find dc (man dc) very useful for floating point arithmetic.
>> | >I hate to tell you this, but dc does fixed point arithmetic, not
>> | >floating point.
>> | Thank you for the correction, Cameron.  I will use bc instead
>> | of dc for floating point calculations from now on!
>> 1: What's wrong with fixed point? For your purposes, I mean?
>> 2: bc certainly used to be a wrapper for dc, so it was fixed point too!
> I am confused about this discussion. If numbers with fractional parts are handled it
> is doing floating point arithmetic. bc -l does floating point arithmetic. dc and bc 
> work in such a different fashion it is hard to think one is a wrapper
> for the other.

Fractional parts is not the same as floating point.  In fixed point
arithmetic you have a fixed number of decimal places available, and in
floating point, the point, well, floats.  But in either case you (can)
have fractional parts.

And indeed, bc used to be (and perhaps still is?) a front end for dc.

Sjoerd Mullender

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