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Re: Non root users account logins terminating within 10 seconds

James Wilkinson wrote:
Aaron Gray wrote:
Just logged in to be told my account had terminated within 10 seconds.
Root is okay but new accounts terminate.

Oh. Logging in from remote over SSH they are fine.

The only things that I have done recently is to change the SELinux
permissions to Permissive from disabled and back again. Oh and install
ies4Linux in root but that should not effect anything.

Oh. and failsafe mode logs into the account okay.

Are you using Gnome, KDE, or something else?
Can you add a temporary test user to the account and see if that can log
in correctly?

Done that its just the same.

I'd imagine that there's something in your per-user settings, possibly
in ~/.g* . You may have to try clearing some or all of that out.
Thats also created for new users ?



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