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Re: TV out

On 9/13/06, redhatdude bellsouth net <redhatdude bellsouth net> wrote:
I have a small TV that I'd like to connecto to my FC5 box to monitor
the apache and ftp logs. I plugged it into the s-video connector in
the back and all I get is a blue screen on the TV. Would someone tell
me how to accomplish this, or point me to a how to on the web?
My video card is integrated and shares memory with the computer. It's
an ATI 9100.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Ej,

1. Download the manual from the ATI site (ok, the 9200 is available -
probably close enough).

2. Understand your TVs inputs and your ATI card outputs and which cord
you need to properly connect the two.  This must be right.

3. Check to see that your driver (Linux drivers available on the ATI
site) is compatable with the video output feature you desire using
your particular X version.  I understand there are some issures with
the most current drivers (ATI site).

4. From your Video Card Control Panel (should have installed this when
installing the driver) see that the "enable video out" is enabled.

Have fun!


Google is our friend.

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