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Re: High bit ASCII and FPC

Darryl Seamans wrote:
	Hello all you Fedora users.....I have a program that uses high-bit
ASCII to display a text-mode game under Linux. In the style of Scott

ASCII is a 7 bit code. There is no such thing as "high-bit ASCII".

Miller's KROZ series, it displays all manner of ASCII characters

I like that particular game. Out of curiosity, what games are you

(>Chr(127)) and they come out fine under Slackware in a text console (once

ASCII uses no codes greater than 127 (DEL).


write(output_file,chr(219)) (block char). This may be a silly thing to
want to do, since we are moving towards Unicode and ASCII > 127 is
non-standard. However, I reminice about the old days when it was hip to

Aha. You say the American Standard Code for Information Interchange is

draw boxes, "ohms", "pi", "theta" etc using high ASCII. I thought maybe a
terminal setting might do it. Any help would be appreciated.

What you want is the IBM character drawing set to appear. That's a
different question, and, unfortunately, one I don't know how to

One possibility is to get a copy of DOSEMU and run under that.


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