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Re: euro symbol on konsole screen

On Sunday 17 September 2006 17:53, Nigel Henry wrote:
> > I'm rather new at this accenting characters in linux, but I find that
> > with right-Alt set as my composing key, selecting the RAlt-shift-Tilde
> > and releasing them then typing the character I want accented (A in your
> > case) works just fine, as does substituting double-quote for the Tilde
> > to produce umlaut (Ö) or comma to get a cedilia ç. there are many others
> > you can have fun experimenting!
> >
> > Scott
> I don't get that on my KDE GB keyboard layout. I get "ă".  But, Right alt +
> the right square bracket key gives me a dead key for the "~", then
> releasing the keys and pressing "a", gives me "ã".
This is KDE GB, as well.  The character you define looks as though it has a 
bar above it, but if you paste that into something where you can magnify the 
view you will find that it actually is a tilde.

> Out of interest, which language uses a "ã"? I've seen the "ñ" in spanish.

I have an on-line friend in São Paulo, Brasil.


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