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Re: Dual Boot with WinXP

Paz 17 Eyl 2006 21:53 tarihinde, Norm şunları yazmıştı: 
> Because of other commitments I need to keep 30gigs wasted on Micro$.
> I have a 60 gig Maxtor hard drive with a 10 gig partition for the Win OS
> and 20 gig for win programs, this leaves room for 30 gigs of Linux.
> I have tried with several distributions of Linux and all recognize the
> 10 gig boot partition but roll the remaining into a single partition.
> How do I set up a dual boot and not affect the part reserved for
> windows.  Yes I would prefer to just do a clean install of Linux but
> that is not possible in this case as even reformatting and reinstalling
> the windows part is not practical.
It is simple. When the installer asks for partitioning select the disk space 
which is 30 gb. Fedora Core installer asks you where to install. You can 
select the empty space without modifying the others You can see the partition 
screenshot below.


Goksin Akdeniz

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