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Re: Fedora vs. Ubuntu (hijacked: can I dual boot FC and Kubuntu?)

On Sunday 24 September 2006 19:03, Claude Jones wrote:
> I can only speak to my own experience - what I've encountered many times is
> situations where drives were jumpered inconsistently, one CS and the other
> M or S - as I mentioned in another post in this thread, I encountered this
> just this past week on a friend's desktop. He'd installed a new DVD writer
> and was having all sorts of erratic behavior as described in my earlier
> post. 

That's not too surprising, is it?

> The other thing I've encountered is drives jumpered CS but non-CS 
> cables.
Non-CS cables?  Are they the 40-wire ones, or is there another type I haven't 
come across?

> My current practice when building a new machine is to jumper M/S and use a
> non-CS cable. It has been posted on this list in past threads on this
> subject that jumpering M/S even with a CS cable will over-ride the CS - I
> have no direct experience with that. If I get a machine that has a cable
> select cable, I jumper both drives CS.
> But, to go back to what Joel was saying, he asserted that all sorts of
> problems with data corruption would occur if M/S were used. My experience
> hasn't been that 

Nor has mine.

> - I've encountered extremely erratic drive behavior when 
> encountering mis-configured systems, but the nature of that was drives
> being recognized sometimes, and other times, not, in a completely seemingly
> random manner - the systems were unusable in that state, and so there were
> no issues with data corruption, because the systems were dysfunctional.
> As to some MOBO's and some CS cables not handling CS correctly, I can't say
> I've encountered it, but, the possibility of it wouldn't come as a
> surprise; in 18 years of building and troubleshooting hundreds of machines,
> I've encountered many wild, and poorly implemented, pieces of hardware

Sadly, even from manufacturers you normally trust.  I had one 'life' of this  
box that was totally unstable, no matter what I did with it.  It took a 
change of mobo to sort it out.  There have been no problems since.  I know of 
another one running Win98 that was equally unstable.  Again, a change of mobo 
was required to sort it.  Both were from reputable names (not the same one).  
Must be Monday morning boards, I guess.

> - my 
> current pet peeve is USB implementation which is ridiculous. I'm dealing at
> this moment with a LaCie USB external mini-drive that has suddenly gone
> dark, which happens to have all my wife's website and video work on it....
> Fortunately, it's backed up.

Good luck


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