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Re: Kmail stops receiving overnight

On Tuesday 26 September 2006 13:12, Elaine Normandy wrote:
> I've noticed with my Kmail that if it has trouble fetching mail out of the
> pop server (due to flaky server or flaky network) it will hang up until I
> manually intervene.  I do this by clicking on the UP arrow at the bottom of
> the main kmail screen.  This will show the number of accounts that are hung
> up and I click the X at the end of each hung account.  Then Kmail will poll
> normally next time unless the network / server problem persists.
> On Tuesday 26 September 2006 1:48 am, Mike Cohler wrote:
> > I have a fully up to date FC5, and after the recent kde updates in the
> > past few weeks I have started noticing (on two different machines)
> > that if Kontact is left running with Kmail visible then overnight the
> > application stops updating on mail received from a pop server. Kmail
> > is set to update for received mail every few minutes and does so
> > normally during the day.
> --

I'm currently having problems with pop3 in kmail. If I run it locally it seems 
to work better, but still has problems.

If I run it over a ssh link it pretty much fails every time.  As soon as I 
start it up, I get the message 'Cannot start process pop3' and I can't 
receive emails.

I sometimes get messages about kwallet being unavailable.

Gary Stainburn
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