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Re: e16

Thomas Springer wrote:

::DR17/E17 is making it's way to Fedora Extras::

Yeps... You read correctly. :) I've been sponsored by Tom "Spot"
Callaway (from RedHat) CVS access to push DR17+EFL in the Fedoras extras

Ok, this is old news;)
I don't know what happened since then, but there should be something in
f-extras-list. I am just to busy to search/read that thru now.

It is mostly likely that parts of E16 depended on xine-lib which itself was not available in Fedora Extras at that time and due to the possible delays in resolving the legal issues pruning all the non-free components out of the library, the maintainer lost interest in it.

Now that xine-lib is already in Fedora Extras, that can change.

He does provide a mailto at the bottom of his page.

I will try and see if I can establish contact.


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