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Re: dual boot, lvm appearing as raw filesystem in XP

Jim Cornette wrote:
Ian Malone wrote:

This is really a Windows question, but I thought it more likely that
someone here would know the answer:
I've just upgraded the Windows half of my dual boot to XP Pro SP2
(and am busy installing all the drivers for devices that FC6
recognised).  One thing that's worrying me is that my LVM partition
shows up as a drive containing 'raw filesystem'. I'm slightly
concerned it could get clobbered by accident, does anyone know a
way to hide it from Windows?

I wondered about the LVM showing but never tried to prevent it from being visible. I am the only one using the computers where the raw device shows up though.

Well, I had two worries; the first was something happening
'automatically' (in the same way that Outlook Express just managed
to delete a month's worth of emails from the server), the second
was drag-dropping into the wrong place (doubt it would actually
allow you to do that, but wasn't keen on testing).

Using hide in grub to hide the LVM from DOS/Windows might work as the link below illustrates.


Hadn't thought of that, works, thank you.


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