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Re: Error installing FC6 x86_64

Doctor Who wrote:
> Ah, OK.  Sadly, it does appear that changing the BIOS setting for the
> drives to AHCI from IDE will keep the other OS's from booting (since
> they were initially installed with different drivers and now are no
> longer detected :-( )
> I'm also curious if I'm getting the most out of the drives by having
> it at IDE vs. AHCI...perhaps reinstalling the OS's again would be
> worth it from a performance standpoint?

You may be interested to note that on the Fedora Development list,
Mogens Kjaer wrote:

> With the "acpi=off hda=noprobe hdc=noprobe" boot options,
> used both during install (x86_64) and during normal boots.


> I forgot: SATA emulation is set to IDE in the BIOS.
> Because of the hdx=noprobe options, the correct driver
> is loaded so the harddisk shows up as sda, and it
> runs with DMA.

I saw this and thought of you... You shouldn't need the acpi=off option,
but the hda=noprobe and hdc=noprobe ought to get you going, if you don't
want to switch to AHCI.

Hope this helps,


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