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Re: How NSA access was built into Windows

> Right now, neither of those two sites has ever heard of this rumor. But 
> Claude, I suggest that since you received the original post, you should 
> submit it to both sites and have them start some serious fact-checking.

The original 1999 _NSAKEY thing was real enough in the sense it was
there, what it was for nobody I think ever really proved.

As to SELinux I know the SELinux code and other Linux related code has
been *very* carefully reviewed by rival security agencies who also use
Linux and some of these people are very paranoid, to the point they use
processors not made by US vendors for example (realistically it's much
easier and safer to drop in on the AMD CEO and arrange a silicon back
door than to try and hide one in software), and build a trusted reviewed
gcc with their own trusted compiler and systematically bootstrap their
secure environment that way.


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