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Re: I think I broke yum

Michael Yep <myep <at> remotelink.com> writes:

> After starting yum it was doing a 300+ pkg update, and it never
> finished.  Now I cannot run yum, and rpm seems to be broke too.
> In addition I cannot issue a Ctrl-C command, I must hit Ctrl-Z and do a
> kill -9 on the yum process.  How do I find out what yum is doing and how
> to get it back to normal?
> This is what yum says now:
> Loading "installonlyn" plugin
> [1]+  Stopped                 ./u
> [root <at> localhost ]# ps aux |grep yum

First, make sure yum isn't running, then delete file as follows: -
rm -f /var/run/yum.pid

If the file is not there, try: - 
locate yum.pid

If it can't find it, it's probably gone, otherwise delete it using the `rm`
command above, but with the correct fiole path as determined by the locate

Then clear out the yum caches with: -
yum clean all

That should do the trick. If "yum clean all" comes up with a message: "Existing
lock /foo/bar/yum.pid" then you've found the yum.pid you need to delete before
trying "yum clean all" again.

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