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Re: Disabling touchpad on laptop

On 22Jan2007 12:01, Dotan Cohen <dotancohen gmail com> wrote:
| >> | I've got a Dell 6400 / E1505 laptop. The great engineers at Dell put
| >> | the touchpad so close to the keyboard that I'm hitting it every five
| >> | minutes by mistake. Is there and _easy_ way to enable/disable it? Like
| >> | a keyboard shortcut, hardware button, or panel applet (KDE)?
| >>
| >> On ThinkPads I turn this off in the BIOS settings. Maybe you can do this
| >> on your Dell.
| That would not work as I must reenable it to mouse around.

Ah. Thinkpads have The Nipple. (I like it so much that I went to some
effort to buy a TrackPoint keyboard for the home compute room - a normal
external keyboard with buttons and a mouse nipple.)

| (What is
| the correct verb in English?)

Probably there isn't one. "mouse around" is increasingly common usage
though. "Verb"ing nouns is a recent bad habit spreading through the
language. "to have a mouse device"? It's correct English, but feels

Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

English is a living language, but simple illiteracy is no basis for
linguistic evolution.   - Dwight MacDonald

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