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Re: Kmail offline

Gene Heskett wrote:
> I wish I had your luck girl, or some of it would rub off on me.  Its
> been a while but I don't recall even being able to do startx as
> gene, ISTR it brought up the X in the middle of the screen, and then
> went away in another 2-3 seconds.

Something else is wrong if you can't run startx as a normal user.
SELinux isn't that restrictive.  You'd really want to look at the
errors on the console or in the X log to see why it failed.

> Things would be a heck of a lot easier to test if I could just goto
> tty2's screen, login as gene, and start a second session of x as me.

Why can't you?  Are you specifying a different displaynumber?

> But that upchucked and rebooted me the last time I had that oh so
> brilliant idea.

It's rather hard to guess what all would have to be broken for that to
happen.  It's certainly not normal. :)

> That would probably need more ram and this board is tapped out at
> 1gb of ram now.

1GB of memory is more than enough to run two X sessions comfortably.
You can even configure GDM to start two login windows.  Or use the
gdmflexiserver to launch a new login from withing your current login

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