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Re: [Fedora] Re: RPM Updates

Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:
> That's exactly what I do.  Only, I keep track of FC 3 up to 6 (used
> to be RH7.3 up to FC5) because of different servers having been
> installed and/or updated at various intervals.  So my disk space is
> somewhat, um, larger than yours. :)  But occasionally I've come
> across yum wanting stuff from livna (or people telling me to get it
> from there) and that's when I run into problems.  So, rpm it is for
> me.  It works with the occasional hitch...

I'm glad you got it solved.  Hope you'll find a solution sometime to
the yum issues you've had.  While I still use rpm directly for
querying my system and the occasional install or removal, most of the
time I now use yum.

I build some packages for my own systems and have a local repository
which all works pretty well.  One of the biggest advantages to me is
not having to grab all of the packages I want to feed to rpm.  I have
a much easier time just saying "yum install package" and having it get
what it needs for me.

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