Is there a defined process/script for creating a set of F7 CD's from the DVD?

Stanley A. Klein sklein at
Fri Jun 1 18:53:04 UTC 2007

I have several systems to update to F7.  They are in different locations
and an install from some kind of network server is not an option.  Some of
the systems have DVD reader drives, but some have only CD drives.

I want to do the same kind of Gnome + KDE install that I have been running
on the machines under FC5.  The installs also need to be more than just
desktops.  Development tools need to be included, just like on the FC5
installs from CD sets.

If I obtain the DVD (either by download or by purchase) is there a defined
process (like some kind of script) by which I can then create a set of
CD's to do a multiple CD install on the systems that have only CD drives?

Stan Klein

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