Is there a defined process/script for creating a set of F7 CD's from the DVD?

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Fri Jun 1 19:29:08 UTC 2007

On Fri, 1 Jun 2007 14:53:04 -0400 (EDT)
"Stanley A. Klein" <sklein at> wrote:

> I have several systems to update to F7.  They are in different
> locations and an install from some kind of network server is not an
> option.  Some of the systems have DVD reader drives, but some have
> only CD drives.
> I want to do the same kind of Gnome + KDE install that I have been
> running on the machines under FC5.  The installs also need to be more
> than just desktops.  Development tools need to be included, just like
> on the FC5 installs from CD sets.
> If I obtain the DVD (either by download or by purchase) is there a
> defined process (like some kind of script) by which I can then create
> a set of CD's to do a multiple CD install on the systems that have
> only CD drives?
> Stan Klein
>From an earlier thread

Browder, Tom wrote:

    Given the problems with my four attempted F 7 installations so far
    (three systems: only one successful [on the second attempt]), and
    assuming fixes and new rpms, I probably will want to do my own
respin of an installation DVD which is supposed to be one of the
highlights of F 7.

    Question:  Where is the documentation for that?

There are different tools for this.

Live cd tools -

Pungi (for regular images) -

Revisor (Graphical utility that wraps around live cd tools and Pungi) -


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