F7 Non-DVD install confusion ??

Tony Nelson tonynelson at georgeanelson.com
Sun Jun 3 19:26:43 UTC 2007

At 12:19 AM -0400 6/3/07, William Case wrote:
>I have been following the discussions on this list regarding how to
>install F7 without a DVD.  I plan to do my own install over the next few
>days.  After reading the Release Notes and the Installation Guide I
>thought I had a strategy worked out.  Now you guys scare me.
>I have two hard drives. One is hda on which I keep my WindowsXP system.
>On that drive I have a 10GB ext3 partition on which I have the old FC6
>CD.iso.images I downloaded when FC6 was new.  I will delete those FC6
>images.  My second drive, hdb, is where I have currently installed FC6
>I do not have a DVD.  I don't have any use for a DVD except for, perhaps
>some time in the future, burning F7 DVD images.
>I had planned to do the following:
>     1. Download the DVD.iso.image to my ext3 partition on hda.
>     2. Download the rescue.iso to my ext3 partition on hda.
>     3. Burn the rescue.iso to a CD using my still existing FC6's
>        cdrecord/nautilus/whatever.
>     4. Boot with the rescue CD to install; then use the askmethod to
>        direct anaconda to find the iso.images on hda and do a clean
>        install on hdb.

This is similar to what I do, and should work.

>Seemed simple.  But, I have had the experience a couple of versions ago
>of completely blowing an install; screwing up my MBR; being left with no
>Linux of any kind; and trying to get everything repaired through
>WindowsXP.  That was fun.

Make a backup before upgrading.  You don't need to back up the OS.  You do
need /etc, /boot, /root, /home, and possibly /user/local or /opt, and the
output from "rpm -qa --last".  Either dump or tar will work.

Though a copy of the MBR might be useful, it might also cause trouble.  The
MBR contains the block offset of grub stage 2, which may well be replaced
with a new one elsewhere by the upgrade.  It is better to use the Rescue CD
and do a grub-install (?) in case of difficulty.
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